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Services provided by BEST TELECOM AUSTRALIA are subject to a Standard Form of Agreement provided for by s479 of the Telecommunications Act. This simplified agreement is lodged with the Australian Communications & Media Authority which is deemed by law to apply to all contracts where no other contract replaces it. A copy is available on request.
The following general provisions apply to all services:-

  • Services a provided on a month to month agreement, except where otherwise agreed, or as specified below:-
  • Receive a discounted setup on a broadband plan;
  • To receive free hardware;
  • To receive special pricing;
  • All mobile phone plans are on 24 month plans; and
  • Domains are billed every 24 months for .au domains and every 12 months for any other domains – associated hosting is billed for the same period, depending on the renewal period of the domain.
  • Payments by Credit Card are subject to processing fees, per http://besttelecomaustralia.com.au/understanding-my-invoice/

Phone Word License

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Customers paying with Bartercard also subject to our Bartercard Terms and Conditions

Transfer Charges (Broadband, Fixed Line, Inbound & Mobile)

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Cancellation, Relocation of Change of Ownership

  • To terminate a service – download a Cancellation Form:-
  • A calendar month’s written notice is required to terminate any service, or payment in lieu where short notice is provided ; and
  • A $110 exit fee applies for each broadband plan (activated after 1 October 2010), or $55 for services activated before that date;
  • Where a fixed term agreement is in place and the term has not expired, the remaining months of the fixed term agreement x the minimum monthly charge; and
  • Where a service is prepaid for a set period, client may leave before the end of that period, although they will forfeit any prepaid amount if the leave before the end of the period.
  • To change ownership of a service, a Change of Ownership Form needs to be completed by the new and former owners;
  • The former owner’s account needs to be paid.

What Next?

Completed forms may be sent in the following ways 
(incomplete or illegible forms will not be accepted):-

  • Contact us on 1300 85 2378 or
  • Email us now - click here
  • Post to PO Box 818, Sanctuary Cove Qld 4212